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Our office is equipped with the following features to help make the environment as calm as possible for your pet:

  • Calm music
  • Lower lighting
  • Carpeted floors
  • Blankets and pet beds for comfort
  • Yummy treats (if appropriate and allowed)
  • Ample appointment time for an unhurried visit
  • Private room with extra insulation to help limit sounds from the rest of the hospital


Office Etiquette

When you arrive at Telford Veterinary Hospital, please text or call us at 215-687-6245 before you enter the building to let us know you have arrived so we know to collect you from our waiting area downstairs shortly. 

When you enter the hospital, you will immediately be in the main waiting room and be directed by the receptionists to approach the elevator to your left. Please take the elevator down one level to our office and have a seat in our waiting area just outside the elevator door. One of our team members will come collect you when they are ready for you. Please do not approach or knock on the office door as there may be another patient being seen. 

There may be other patients you cross paths with in the Telford Vet waiting room before entering the elevator to come downstairs to our office. Therefore, please keep your pet on a short leash that is firmly controlled to limit any nose-to-nose interactions with other pets. Do not let your pet wander on long leads. This is for the safety of both your pet and other patients in the hospital. Your pet should remain on a leash at all times when within the hospital and in the parking lot.

When using the elevator, please wait until the door is fully open and the coast is clear before entering/leaving the elevator, and please do not allow your pet to run off the elevator in front of you. 

The elevator floor and walkways downstairs have carpets to aid in the mobility of our patients. 

If you believe your pet may be hesitant to enter the elevator, please contact Dr. Collins before arriving for your appointment to arrange alternative plans.