My dog, Lady and I moved to Philadelphia last year shortly after she had been diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. We moved to Toronto where Lady had several holistic practitioners taking great care of her and when I moved one of my biggest fears was that we wouldn’t find similar help here. Thank goodness I found Dr. Collins. I was expecting to lose Lady at any moment but Lady lived for over a year after our move and 18 months after her first cancer diagnosis. Dr. Collins and her assistant gave her so much TLC and Lady loved going to see them each week for treatment. Not only did she live for much longer than anticipated but for the majority of that time she was still living with a high quality of life thanks to them. Saying thank you just doesn’t seem like enough when people like Dr. Collins took such wonderful care of my Lady, the love of my life. Thank you so much for improving my girl’s life when she needed it most.

Ashley J.

“We were referred by our canine cardiologist to Dr. Collins. After surviving an earlier cancer surgery, our 11 year-old King Charles Cavalier, Duncan had recurrence, his condition was terminal. We sought to make his remaining time pain-free and comfortable. We were immediately pleased with the warm, welcoming experience of Dr. Collins practice setting. Soothing and relaxing, never tense or rushed. Dr. Collins and her assistant treated Duncan with dignity and tender compassion. Dr. Collins prescribed herbs, performed acupuncture, pain meds and even suggested ways to regain his appetite. Duncan had the quality-of-life we hoped for during the 8 months he was treated. His care was excellent until he passed after his12th birthday. We have, and, will continue recommending Dr. Collins practice.”
The DePinto Family

We sought Dr. Collins’ help after our dog, Addie, was diagnosed with breast and anal gland cancer. We had been told she would have at best 9 – 18 months to live with surgery and chemotherapy. We did not want her final months to be wrought with side effects of chemotherapy. Dr. Collins offered us a much kinder gentler way to treat Addie. Her protocol of diet change, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, that boosted Addie’s immune system, gave us 3 more years of a tremendous quality of life with Addie. She looked and acted younger and healthier after a few short months under Dr. Collins’ care. People were shocked to learn Addie was living so well with two cancers. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Collins for her expertise and loving care of Addie!
Mary Lou C.

A little over a year ago, I took Lily, my 6 year old Sheltie with hip and elbow dysplasia, to Dr. Collins for acupuncture and physical therapy. Lily was also obese which made her condition more painful. She had extreme difficulty getting up and when she was out in the yard, she’d just stand in one spot instead of running around like she used to. She no longer got up to greet me at the door when I came home from work. I tried many times – unsuccessfully – to get Lily to lose weight. With Dr. Collins’ guidance, Lily lost 10 pounds! Lily is now flying around the yard again like a lightening bolt chasing the birds, squirrels, and planes, jumping on the chain-link fence like it’s a trampoline (to my horror), and is back to playing with her soccer ball and shaking up her stuffed animal friends! Once again, I am greeted by her beautiful little face standing at the door waiting for me when I get home from work. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day that Lily would be running around again but Dr. Collins’ acupuncture and her assistant’s physical therapy worked miracles for my baby. Their love and dedication to the animals is clearly apparent, as is their determination to heal them. They are the absolute best and I am very grateful to have found them and for all they have done to help my Little Lily.

Marianne A.

Six months ago, my 13 year old dachshund Ben started to exhibit serious impairment of both his rear legs. I took him to my vet immediately who diagnosed him , after thorough testing and x rays,with a herniated disc. Surgery was his only option and was not a guarantee that he would ever walk again. In absolute desperation I took someone I trusts suggestion that I take him to see Karen Collins for acupuncture.

At that point he could barely walk, could not even raise his leg to urinate . I did not go into Dr. Collins office believing she could do more than what had been done. But I was desperate and he was suffering.I had no experience with acupuncture- be it human or animal. When Karen did her first treatment and Ben was quiet and relaxed and wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable, I had my first real glimmer of hope. What came next is nothing short of a miracle. Within 24 hours of his first treatment, along with supplements to help him along, Ben was not only lifting his leg, but running. You would think Ben was a puppy again. No limp, no pain , tons of energy. he is a very healthy dog, and I am forever in debt to Dr. Karen Collins for her outstanding skills. I strongly recommend this and her to anyone who is at the end of their rope with traditional western medicine.
Robyn T.

Our 12 year old Maltese, Bailey, had surgery for a herniated disc this past January. He did fine but after 3 months he began to limp again. We took him back to the neurologist and he said it was most likely another herniated disc. He said he would have to take an MRI again and maybe another surgery. We knew someone who took their dog to Dr. Collins so rather then put Bailey through another surgery we took him to Dr. Collins. As soon as we met her ,it was clear to see how much she loved animals. Bailey had his first acupuncture treatment that day and within a couple of days he was no longer limping. Today he runs around like a puppy. Taking him to Dr. Collins was the best decision we could have made.
Martha H.

Dr. Collins is truly amazing. Copper, our mini long-haired dachshund had an injury and was not able to walk at all. We started seeing Dr. Collins and he has fully recovered, and is now enjoying his very active, adventurous life again he is 15 and still going strong! She truly saved his life! I am forever. Grateful for her love and dedication to her work. She is amazing.
Tracey H